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Learn the Truth About Puppy Mills

Puppy Mills in America are cruel, inhumane breeding facilities who breed solely for profit. There is little to no concern for the health and well being of the animals. Puppies are often born with severe health, behavioral and socialization issues. Breeding dogs are neglected, starved and left sick and injured without medical care or relief from overwhelming pain.   » Read more

Amish Puppy Mills?

The Amish and Mennonite communities are widely known as “The Gentle People”.  Amish communities are visited for the wonderful baked goods, restaurants, and beautiful countryside farms. They travel via horse and buggy. Amish fields are rich with crops such as corn, wheat and barley, did you know that puppies are also one of their cash crops? Dog farming is present in many Amish and Mennonite communities. » Read more

The Mothers in the Mills – The Truth

Our mission is to educate the public and a picture speaks a thousand words. This photo gallery includes pictures taken during inspections of USDA licensed breeders. Most of these USDA licensed “breeders” sell their puppies via online sites and/or through pet stores. A USDA licensed breeder CAN operate a puppy mill. All photos were obtained from the USDA and there are thousands of additional photos that will be posted soon. » Read more

Illinois Pet Stores in the News

The Puppy Mill Project features different Illinois pet stores. We will show documentation of where they get their puppies and any USDA inspection reports and photos that are associated with the “breeders” the pet stores are using. This is our way of educating the public using public information acquired from the Illinois Department of Agriculture and the USDA.  » Read more


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