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It’s Not Cool to be Cruel Campaign Launches!

Lush Cosmetics Awards Grant to The Puppy Mill Project for educational billboard and more.

December 5, 2012
Just in time for the holidays, a 20 x 60 ft billboard was installed at North Ave. and Kingsbury heading eastbound in the heart of Chicago.
The “It’s Not Cool To Be Cruel” campaign launch is crucial because the holiday season is upon us and puppies are high on the wish list for many children. Cari Meyers Founder of The Puppy Mill Project would like more parents to get the message that puppies aren’t presents and that they can not be easily be returned when things go wrong.
“So many people don’t realize the origin of pets purchased in pet stores or on the Internet. They are led to believe they are purchasing a healthy puppy from a good breeder”. Mothers in puppy mills suffer in cramped cages with no veterinary care and no socialization. When people purchase puppies from pet stores or thru the Internet, they are contributing to this cruel industry. The mother dogs are sentenced to life in cruel mills.
“We are really excited to have the support of LUSH Cosmetics, which is a socially responsible company that has donated millions of dollars to non-profit groups,” says Meyers, “The more people we can educate, the closer we are to ending animal cruelty.”

LUSH is also including The Puppy Mill Project in their Changing The World, One Pot at a Time Charity Pot Program.

Please join us December 8th!

Lush Cosmetics 859 W. Armitage Ave 12-3 PM.
We are honored to be partnering with Lush to kick off our new campaign, “It’s Not Cool To Be Cruel”.
Please come out and join the party. There will be samples, demonstrations, refreshments, and a lot of fun. If you have never tried Lush before, this is the time. Their products are amazing!


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