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Learn the truth about where puppies for sale at and in Wadsworth, IL  and The Original K-9 Café in Vernon Hills, IL really come from.

Included on this page is information acquired by the Illinois Department of Agriculture and United States Department of Agriculture that pertains specifically to and in Wadsworth, Illinois and The Original K-9 Café in Vernon Hills, IL. This is public information.

Commercial breeders and puppy brokers that supply (click images to enlarge):

In the photo gallery below we have provided some of the shipping documents of puppies being sold from Minnesota puppy brokers Clearwater Kennel and Fletcher Creek Kennel to Pups4kids in Wadsworth, IL. USDA records show in 2010 Fletcher Creek Kennels had close to 600 dogs in their facility. In 2011, USDA records show Clearwater Kennel had close to 1000 dogs in their facility. These are mass breeding operations. Their USDA inspection reports also included in the photo gallery show Vet Care, Feeding, Housing, Identification violations and more. Pups4kids is a registered Dog Dealer in the State of Illinois.






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