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Adrian’s Puppy Paradise Raid – April 7, 2015, St Anne, IL
Adrian’s Puppy Paradise had been operating in St Anne, IL for ten plus years. On April 7, 2015, The Puppy Mill Project, Kankakee County Animal Control, law enforcement and partner organization Animal Rescue Corps were finally able to shut down Adrian’s for good.
Steven McQueen and The Puppy Mill Project
Steven R. McQueen speaks up for the dogs imprisoned in puppy mills.
Illinois Puppy Mills 2013
Illinois Amish puppy mill closed.
The Puppy Mill Project’s Miles for the Mothers in the Mills Pet Walk 2013
Dog Auctions
Go inside the legal, but inhumane world of dog auctions. Rare footage from multiple dog auctions shows how dogs are treated like livestock and are passed around from one kennel to another, with no regard for their health or well-being, and certainly no regard for the emotional trauma they endure.

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