<b>The life of a mill dog is one of unspeakable cruelty</b> - No living being should be forced to endure such suffering. <b>Behind every cute puppy sold in a pet store there are two parents</b> - Our work is about the mothers and fathers left behind. <b>Pet store puppies are not healthier or better quality</b> - They are more likely to become sick or suffer from genetic defects and behavioral issues. <b>No one wants to support puppy mills</b> - The key is educating the public on puppy mills and their sales outlets. <b>Buying a puppy in a pet store does not save that puppy</b> - It will be replaced with another puppy and continue a cycle of cruelty.

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Learn the truth. Education is the key to ending puppy mills.

Our mission is to raise awareness and educate the public about puppy mills and their connection to puppies sold in pet stores, on the Internet, and through other outlets. We educate, facilitate rescue, and advocate for change. Our goal is simple: end puppy mills.



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    Learn the truth about where the cute puppy in the window or online really comes from.

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  • The Chicago Pet Project: Portraits and Letters from the Heart
    Pet Project BookThe Chicago Pet Project is a beautiful coffee table book filled with images of notable Chicagoans and their beloved pets. Proceeds go to Millie’s Mission, a fund created to pay for the veterinary costs of rescued mill dogs. Preview some of the photo shoots and purchase your copy here.