About Us


Addressing the crowd at Puppy Mill Awareness Day 2015


Who We Are

Learn about our mission, our work, and how we started. Click here to read more.

Education Program

Our Education Program is a central part of who we are. Learn more about our unique K-12 Education Program here.

Consumer Awareness

We believe that consumers want to make responsible decisions. Educating the public and community outreach is a significant part of our work. Read more about our awareness efforts here.

Facilitating Rescue

While we are not a traditional rescue, we assist nonprofit organizations by facilitating the rescue of mill dogs and providing funding to aid in their vetting and care. Learn more about our rescue efforts and our rescue fund, Millie’s Mission, by clicking here.


Advocating for changes to local, state, and federal laws is essential to help mill dogs. We have had great successes in our advocacy work, please learn more here.