We are committed to changing the laws that are currently in existence related to puppy mills. Existing laws are not adequate to protect dogs in mills or to protect consumers, nor are they adequately enforced. While we believe that the tide is turning and much progress has been made, there is still so much work to do.

Our Approach

  • We believe that effectively fighting puppy mills requires a multifaceted approach. We believe in change in federal and state laws, and also at the local level. Often, local legislation can be the most effective and efficient way to effect change.
  • We have primarily focused our advocacy efforts to date on legislation that seeks to reduce the demand for puppy mill puppies by eliminating the sales outlet and shutting down the supply chain. We do this by supporting retail pet sale ordinances that prohibit pet stores from selling dogs from commercial breeding facilities. Over 70 jurisdictions in North America have enacted some form of a retail pet sale ban. Best Friends Animal Society has a list here.
  • We believe that pet stores can operate successfully under a humane business model, either selling dogs sourced from rescues or shelters, or by selling only pet products. We encourage any pet store that is interested in operating under a more humane business model to contact us and we would be thrilled to assist you.

Our Accomplishments 

  • We are behind two of the most significant retail pet sale bans passed in this country. We worked for two years with Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza and Alderman Joe Moreno, Alderman Ameya Pawar, and Alderman Scott Waguespauk to pass the Chicago Companion Animal and Consumer Protection Ordinance. In addition, we also worked with Cook County on its Companion Animal and Consumer Protection Ordinance.
  • We have consulted with and supported several other jurisdictions in the Chicago area and nationwide in their efforts to pass companion animal legislation, including efforts in Naperville, Illinois; Oceanside, California; Joliet, Illinois; and Sarasota County, Florida.

TPMP supporters with Governor Quinn at the signing of the Illinois Puppy Lemon Law in 2013.