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Charges Filed in Puppy Mill Bust

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Three months after the initial bust at Adrian’s Puppy Paradise, a notorious puppy mill in St. Anne, Illinois, in Kankakee County, charges have been filed against owner Louise Gutierrez after 81 dogs were rescued from her home.


Even though the dogs at Adrian’s were kept in deplorable conditions, the Illinois Department of Agriculture continually found that Adrian’s passed inspection and the living conditions were deemed satisfactory due to such minimal standards that exist for breeding dogs and cats.

Kankakee County State’s Attorney, Jamie Boyd, charged Gutierrez with 71 counts of failure to provide humane treatment and care of animals. This comes shortly after Kankakee County passed an ordinance creating more stringent standards for housing cats and dogs for breeding in response to the situation at Adrian’s Puppy Paradise. The County added 40 new requirements for breeders geared at keeping cats and dogs in more humane conditions. Read about coverage of the ordinance here.

In April, 2015, 81 dogs and two cats were seized from Adrian’s Puppy Paradise after over a year of investigation from The Puppy Mill Project and other animal rescue groups. Animal Rescue Corps, a national animal protection organization experienced with conducting puppy mill rescues, led and coordinated the response effort with assistance from Kankakee County Animal Control and The Puppy Mill Project. The dogs were evaluated, treated, and have been placed with rescue groups for adoption.


Wire flooring will no longer be permitted under a new Kankakee County breeding ordinance. Wire flooring is permissible under federal and state laws regulating breeding dogs.

Adrian’s Puppy Paradise had been the subject of years of complaints to Kankakee County Animal Control. “We want the community to know we will not tolerate the inhumane care of animals,” said Kankakee County State’s Attorney Jamie Boyd in a press release issued by Kankakee County Animal Control. “This was an effort that was many years in the making and required teamwork from a number of different rescue groups and governmental entities, but we all found a way to get the best result for these dogs and free them from a life of horror – they’ll only know love from now on,” said Janie Jenkins of The Puppy Mill Project. For more coverage, click here.