Education Program

The most meaningful part of our work is inspiring students and letting them know that they can make a difference.

The Puppy Mill Project began because no one was talking about puppy mills. We are changing that conversation starting with children.

Educating the public is the central part of our mission. While we educate audiences of all ages, our K-12 educational program is the heart of our organization. Our team of educators presents to a range of age groups throughout the city of Chicago and the suburbs.

When a family decides to bring a new pet into their home, we want children to ask their parents to adopt from the local shelter or rescue, instead of going to a pet store.

  • We present to preschool, elementary, high school, and college-age students using age-appropriate content and materials.
  • We also present to civic groups, shelters, and camps.
  • We educate the audience on what a puppy mill is, responsible dog ownership, and what they can do to create change and end this cruelty.
  • Our teaching materials are the product of several years of development and consultation with licensed educators. Our presentations incorporate various age-appropriate educational tools such as Power Point technology, videos, music, and interactive activities. We strive to keep the audience engaged and want them to have fun while learning.
  • Our goal is that every child we reach will carry this information with them as they grow and will share this knowledge with their friends, siblings, and parents.
  • On a broader level, our presentations inspire children to become involved in their communities, and let them know that they can make a difference.
Our picture book, Ruby's story, for younger elementary audiences. Ruby's story has also been made into a coloring book.

Our picture book, Ruby’s story, for younger elementary audiences. Ruby’s story has also been made into a coloring book.

Our Reach

  • Presented to over 2,400 children and adults and counting
  • Several educational presentations, with unique interactive activities
  • A wide range of venues, including elementary schools, high schools, universities, animal shelters, and churches

For our Younger Audiences 

  • Puppy mills can be a challenging topic; it is hard for all of us to see animals suffering. We educate younger audiences through interactive illustrated story boards and a story book showing children what a dog needs to be healthy and happy, focusing on the fundamentals of responsible pet ownership.
  • We also incorporate concepts that apply beyond just puppy mills. Our “It’s Not Cool to be Cruel” campaign contains a message that applies to all parts of a child’s life and his or her interaction with others. This campaign encourages kindness to others and helps give children the knowledge, courage, and character to spread the word and stand up to all forms of cruelty.

For Classrooms Outside of the Chicago area

Looking for information to provide your own educational experience? Request your own Classroom Kit, complete with all the educational materials you need to lead your own class.  Learn more here.