Millie’s Mission

Some of the 93 dogs rescued from a southern Illinois puppy mill 2013. TPMP joined forces with rescues to save these dogs and provide the veterinary care and love they deserved.

Rescuing mill dogs is an expensive and often time sensitive endeavor. When we receive a call that mill dogs need our help, we may only have hours to help secure their rescue. Other times, we are able to provide rescue only after years of investigation.

Mill dogs are almost always in very poor physical and emotional condition; they need immediate and substantial veterinary care. We are an educational organization; we are not a traditional rescue with foster homes or a shelter facility. Instead, we work with rescue groups to secure the removal and safe transport of the dogs, their vetting and veterinary care, and safe placement until they can be adopted.

What is Millie’s Mission?

Millie’s Mission is our rescue program. Named after our founder’s rescued mill dog, Millie, Millie’s Mission is our rescue fund that allows us to facilitate rescue and provide funding to assist nonprofit organizations with the exorbitant costs of rescuing mill dogs.

How much does it cost to rescue a mill dog?

  • The average cost of veterinary bills for one mill dog is $500. The level of veterinary care required makes it cost-prohibitive for many rescues to take in mill dogs.

Why is it so costly to rescue a mill dog?

  • Mill dogs usually need far more extensive treatment than a typical rescue dog. Mill dogs have spent several years in a cage being repeatedly bred without any veterinary care.
  • Mill dogs often have serious external issues that require extensive grooming and immediate treatment, including severe matting, overgrown nails, lacerations, eye and dental disease, and untreated injuries.
  • We also often find that mill dogs have serious internal problems that can be life-threatening, as well as parasites and other diseases.

Meet Betsy, rescued from the Midland puppy mill. Photo courtesy of Westie Rescue Michigan.

Millie’s Mission by the Numbers

  • Since we began, we have facilitated the rescue or provided funding for more than 250 dogs from puppy mills in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin.
  • In April, 2015, after years of investigation, along with Animal Rescue Corps and Kankakee County Animal Control, we assisted with the rescue of 81 dogs from a puppy mill at Adrian’s Puppy Paradise in St. Anne’s, Illinois.
  • In January 2015, we assisted with funding the veterinary care of six Westies rescued from a small backyard puppy mill in Midland, Michigan. These Westies were rescued by Westie Rescue Michigan.
  • In December 2014, we worked with Fresh Start Animal Rescue in Belvidere, Illinois, to provide the funding for the veterinary care for a group of dogs rescued from a mill in Ohio.
  • In 2013, we facilitated the rescue of six beagles from an Amish puppy mill in southern Illinois. These dogs came from a deplorable puppy mill that TPMP was instrumental in shutting down. Watch the video here.
  • We have also assisted with many additional rescue efforts since we began in 2009.

Meet some of our rescues here and click on the Rescues tab.

If you are a rescue and need assistance, please contact us at The Millie’s Mission application is available here