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Millie’s Mission Grant Recipient – Celeste

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We are pleased to announce that we’ve just made another Millie’s Mission grant, this time on behalf of Celeste who was rescued by Char-Wills German Shepherd Dog Rescue.

She is a puppy mill survivor, with a fractured shoulder and broken leg, who was dropped at a nearby vet by the mill operator with instructions to euthanize her. Refusing to end this baby’s life, the vet reached out to Char-Wills German Shepherd Rescue​ who took her in and arranged for the needed surgery and physical therapy she required. Char-Wills reached out to us for assistance with her medical expenses.

Post-op, Celeste is doing well in a foster home as she recovers.

Your continued support and donations allow us to support dogs like Celeste and the rescue organizations who take them in.

Learn more about Millie’s Mission.

If you are an animal rescue that saves dogs from puppy mills, learn more about our Millie’s Mission grant program.