Meet Millie


A toy and a soft blanket – these are luxuries that mill dogs never know.

This is Millie. Millie is a Maltese who spent 6-9 years of her life as a breeding dog in a puppy mill. This tiny dog, weighing just over 5 pounds, was used as a breeding machine to churn out puppies for profits. No one is sure how long she was at the mill, or how many puppies she had. As the miller shipped off her adorable puppies for sale, Millie was left in the mill to produce litter after litter. Millie reminds us that it’s not about the puppies; it’s about the moms. No one sees their suffering. These dogs are just like our dogs.

Millie was rescued by the National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR). When Cari Meyers, our President and Founder, along with a few other TPMP board members, visited NMDR several years ago, everyone knew that Millie was coming home to Chicago as soon as Cari laid eyes on her.

After her rescue, it was discovered that Millie had pyometra, a life threatening uterine infection. This type of serious disease is common among mill dogs. Because Millie had been rescued, she was successfully treated. Most of the mill dogs are not.

Millie’s three favorite things: (1) her mom, (2) apples, and (3) cheese.

Millie is learning to enjoy life in Chicago. Everything is new for a mill dog. They are terrified of most common every day things – grass, household noises, people… everything. With tons of a love and patience, Millie has realized that people aren’t just cruel, they can also be kind and loving. Millie and the thousands like her are the reason we do this.