Our Accomplishments

Since our inception in 2009, we have accomplished a lot. We are a small, volunteer-based grassroots organization motivated every day by one goal: to stop the suffering for the dogs in the mills. Most of us are here because we learned about puppy mills and could not stand by and do nothing. Here are some our accomplishments over the past six years:

Why get involved? For Ruby. Ruby was sold at a dog auction after years of breeding in an Amish puppy mill in Ohio. There are hundreds of thousands of Rubies still in mills.

Educating Children and Adults

  • Our educators have delivered educational presentations to over 2,400 children and adults at elementary schools and high schools, at camps, on college campuses, and more. Click here to see how we inspire children that they can make a difference.

Public Awareness Campaigns

  • Several large scale awareness campaigns, including ads in movie theaters, CTA buses, and large billboards over the Kennedy Expressway and in Lincoln Park over the holiday season. These campaigns raised awareness to hundreds of thousands in the Chicago area.

Legislative Change

Shutting Down and Investigating Mills

  • Adrian’s Puppy Paradise.  After years of investigation, we worked with Kankakee County Animal Control officials, local rescue organizations, the State’s Attorney’s office, and Animal Rescue Corps to shut down Adrian’s Puppy Paradise, a notorious and deplorable puppy mill in St. Anne’s, Illinois. 81 dogs and two cats were rescued in April, 2015, through Operation Spring Break. This is one of our most rewarding experiences; please watch the moving video here.
  • Amos Diener’s Amish mill.  In Summer 2013, through an investigation of Amish breeders in southern Illinois, one of our board members discovered that an Amish breeder named Amos Diener had killed 6-7 of his own beagles by hitting them in the head with a metal pipe, yet he was still operating with a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) license. This behavior went unpunished by the USDA inspector who was on site and discovered the dogs were missing. We prepared documentation and a summary of the events for the local State’s Attorney, who pursued the case and brought animal cruelty charges against Diener. The mill has also lost its license and is no longer in operation. Shortly thereafter, we assisted with the rescue effort of six Beagles from this mill.

Rescuing Mill Dogs

  • 1610907_988792981154024_7043664729491061925_n

    TPMP during the rescue effort at Adrian’s Puppy Paradise.

    Through our rescue efforts and our recently established dedicated rescue fund, Millie’s Mission, we have rescued or provided funding for more than 250 dogs rescued from puppy mills. These efforts have ranged from coordinating the rescue effort, to lining up animal care professionals and rescue organizations to take puppy mill dogs, to providing supplemental funding for the veterinary care of mill dogs that have already been rescued.

Transitioning Pet Stores

  • We have transitioned three pet stores in the Chicago area from selling commercially-bred animals to selling only dogs and cats sourced from rescues and shelters. One of these stores, The Dog Patch, in Naperville, Illinois, is a leader in the industry and has built a highly successful business selling pet supplies and offering dogs sourced from rescues. We are so proud to have The Dog Patch in our community.

Community Events

  • We have attended hundreds of community events, raising public awareness in smaller groups and on a one-on-one basis.