How to Report a Chicago Pet Store

City of Chicago Pet Stores:
Retailers are required to stop selling dogs, cats and rabbits

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Help us stop the sale of puppies, kittens and bunnies! Help us with enforcement of the Companion Animal and Consumer Protection Ordinance. The ordinance we worked on for two years and fought so hard to get passed by the Chicago City Council took effect earlier this year. City of Chicago stores are NOT allowed to be selling dogs, cats or rabbits any longer! If you frequent any of the stores below and see them selling, you should call 311 and report them! Likewise, if you see ANY OTHER STORES in Chicago not on this list, selling dogs, cats or rabbits please call 311 and report them as well. You can also CALL the stores below as well and ask if they have dogs, cats and/or rabbits for sale and if they do, report them to 311 as well.

When you call 311, please get the CSR number for your report, which is the number associated with your complaint, and email us that number and the details so we can track our progress! You can call 311 anonymously if you want to. Send your emails to

Pocket Puppies
2479 N. Clark St
Chicago, IL

Park Pet Shop
10429 S. Kedzie
Chicago, IL
773- 779-2011

Joe’s Pet Salon
2733 W. Cermak
Chicago, IL

Top Dogs Puppy Store
6919 W. Grand Ave
Chicago, IL

Pet Luv Pet Center
8057 S.Cicero Ave
Chicago, IL

Grooming Parlor
3725 N. Elston
Chicago, IL

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