Where to Get a DogBrown Dog PMAD

There are many wonderful and responsible places to find your next pet. Please learn about these options before adding a pet to your family. Click here to read more.

How to Report A Chicago Pet Store

The Chicago Companion Animal and Consumer Protection Ordinance is now in effect, and we need your help to ensure enforcement. Click here to read about how you can help.

Responsible Breeder Checklist

Responsible breeders that love their animals do exist. If you decide to go with a breeder, please review this page first to learn how to tell if you are getting your puppy from a responsible breeder.

Funding for Rescues

Please go to this page to learn more about how we assist rescue organizations with the veterinary costs of rescuing mill dogs and to download our Millie’s Mission application.

Sick Puppy Form

If you have purchased a sick puppy, please tell us your story. Click here to complete the Sick Puppy Form.

Research your Breeder

If you have already purchased a puppy or are thinking about purchasing your puppy, please research the breeder carefully. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to learn more about the breeder.