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Urgent! Your help needed OPPOSING Illinois SB 1882 & HB 2824 before March 15

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We need your help again!

Those two PRO PUPPY MILL bills masquerading as positive changes are up for review in Springfield this week. Read more about this pending legislation that would undo all the work we’ve done in Chicago and Cook County in this post from Steve Dale.

We had nearly 1500 people fill out Witness Slips OPPOSING the Illinois House bill last week. It was amazing. Now we need you to fill out the same thing for both the House bill AND the Senate bill. We know we can get over 2000 easily.

Please do this and then share, share, share!!!

LINKS TO BOTH WITNESS SLIPS (please do both!):



Instructions for filling out Witness Slips:


Fill in your first and last name, street address, city and zip code. In the field “Firm, Business or Agency”, enter the name of your organization, or enter “Self” if you are an individual. Enter “na” in the “Title” field. All fields are required.
Please Note: You will not be able to submit a Witness Slip that contains a slash ( “/” ) in any field.


Enter the name of your organization, or enter “Self.”


Click on the button to select “Opponent.” Make sure you click inside the round button, and check to be sure it is highlighted. It is a good idea to use the scroll bar to navigate the screen, as the arrow keys may accidentally change your selection!


Click on the button to select “Record of Appearance Only.”
Double check to be sure your position is set to “Opponent,” check the box “I agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement,” complete the Captcha test, then click “Create.” You should receive a confirmation email.