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Veterinary Professionals Take a Stand Against Puppy Mills

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Veterinarians take an oath to help animals. We trust them to keep our beloved pets healthy, and care for them when they are ill. Surprisingly, many of the major veterinary professional associations, including the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association, have opposed legislative efforts taking place across the country to prohibit the retail sale of dogs and cats from puppy mills in pet stores – laws that would help animals and have a significant impact in fighting the mass cruelty of the puppy mill industry. This has led many to ask the question, do these groups really reflect the views of the veterinary community?

VPAPM LogoA new group, Veterinary Professionals Against Puppy Mills (“VPAPM”), has been formed by two Chicago veterinarians, Dr. Scott Rovner and Dr. Jane Lohmar, to stand up to puppy mills. Drs. Rovner and Lohmar are leading the charge to take on the problem puppy mills. Along with support from the National Association of Veterinary Technicians¬†of America¬†(NAVTA), VPAPM’s goal are to educate consumers about where to obtain pets. They also support legislative efforts to ban the retail sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits in pet stores, transitioning those stores to humane models. The Puppy Mill Project applauds and appreciates Drs. Rovner’s and Lohmar’s courage in taking a stand against puppy mills and speaking up for what is best for animals, setting a wonderful example and embodying the values we believe the veterinary community should uphold.

Learn more about VPAPM on their Facebook page.

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