Who We Are

The Puppy Mill Project is an educational and advocacy organization dedicated to fighting puppy mill cruelty. We believe that education is the key to change. We are one of the only organizations focused entirely on ending puppy mill cruelty, and our mission centers around our unique educational program and extensive community outreach. We also facilitate the rescue of puppy mill dogs and engage in legislative advocacy. 

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A Note about our Founder

Cari Millie Photo - Tribune1

Cari Meyers and her beloved mill dog rescue, Millie.

Cari Meyers can remember the exact moment when The Puppy Mill Project was born. It was a September afternoon in 2009. She had just left a board meeting of a large, nonprofit animal rescue in Chicago. Even with all of the good that rescues were accomplishing, she realized that nobody was talking about puppy mills. She had been researching puppy mills, and as she looked at Chicago’s euthanasia rates and the sales figures from pet stores, she realized that she had to take action.

“The more I learned about puppy mills and pet stores, the more I knew we had to cut off the head of the dragon. Nobody was talking about puppy mills – nobody. Yet, thousands of dogs were being sold in Chicago’s pet stores and thousands more were being killed at animal control. And, the dogs being sold at pet stores were coming from these horrible places known as puppy mills.”

She started her path to change the only way that she knew how – through an old-fashioned grassroots effort. This organization has now become Cari Meyers’ dream, passion, and life’s work. Since 2009, The Puppy Mill Project has worked tirelessly to educate the public about puppy mills, increase consumer knowledge and awareness, and effect changes in legislation related to the puppy mill and pet store industry.

Puppy mills are one of the largest and most systemic forms of animal cruelty in this country. With your support and your voice, we can truly make a difference for the mill dogs. Please join our efforts. Become active in your own community and help us with our mission. We are changing the world for mill dogs.